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At Communikidz Therapy, our therapists strive to be partners in your child's development. Our goal is for your child to be a well-integrated individual in his/ her communities - at home, at school and at play. 

We provide therapy services and development support to children aged 0-18 years. Your child does not require a diagnosis to access these services. 


Our dedicated and experienced therapists will work with you, and all involved in your child's development to maximise his/her potential for communicating, interacting, learning, playing, and independence.

We understand that each child is unique - hence, our assessment and goal setting process ensures your child receives exactly what he/ she needs to maximise his/ her potential. 

Depending on your child's goals and/ or your circumstance, sessions may be centre based or held at your home, 1-to-1 or in a group.

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