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Eugenia Tan

Speech Therapist | Music Therapist 

Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) (BSpPath, Hons) (Australia)

Master of Music Therapy (MMusThy) (Australia)

AHP Certification Number: A1300970I

Eugenia, Speech Therapist, Music Therapist, and founder of Communikidz Therapy believes that the goal of intervention is to support children in becoming well-integrated individuals in their communities - at home, at school and at play. As a mother herself, she believes in the importance of feeling empowered as a parent and caregiver. As such, she closely partners parents and caregivers, and works to foster confidence in their ability to support their children's development. 


Eugenia was awarded a scholarship from the National Council of Social Service in 2004. She did her training at La Trobe University (Australia), where she graduated with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology with Honours. Eugenia also holds a Master in Music Therapy from the University of Queensland (Australia). She has worked in a variety of contexts including early intervention centres, clinics, and schools (special and mainstream) both locally and in Australia. She is a full member of the professional association (Speech and Language Therapy Singapore) and is registered with the Allied Health Professionals Council.

Eugenia is experienced in working with children with developmental conditions (e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorders, Global Developmental Delays), language delays/ impairments, speech, literacy, and fluency disorders. She is also familiar and experienced with the local MOE education system. 

Eugenia has a strong interest in clinical supervision and has previously worked as a clinical educator at the University of Queensland (Australia) Communication Clinic. She also has years of experience supervising junior therapists locally under the Allied Health Professions Act.  Eugenia continues to hone her skills as a clinician. In 2015, she published an article in the Journal Music Therapy Perspectives about the use of song as a cue for expressive language development in children with language impairments.  Some of the programs that she has been trained in include:  


  • Hanen Program – It Takes Two To Talk

  • Hanen Program – Learning Language and Loving It

  • PECS - Picture Exchange Communication System

  • Visualizing and Verbalizing® Program for Cognitive Development, Comprehension, & Thinking 

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech – The Oral Motor Component

  • MORE – Integrating the Mouth with Sensory and Postural Functions

  • PROMPT – Prompts for restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets

  • Sara Rosenfield-Johnson’s Oral Placement Therapy

  • Clincal assessment, observation and goal setting for Sensory Integration and Praxis

Yu Wan Ling 

Speech Therapist

Master of Science (Speech & Language Pathology) 

Diploma in Special Education

AHP Certification Number: A1300972E

Wanling believes that forging meaningful relationships is important to every individual, and underpinning that is communication. She hopes that through intervention, she can help children explore ways to communicate, and develop as happy individuals.  She also believes in sharing knowledge with parents and caregivers, and gets immense satisfaction through learning with, and from families she worked with.

Wanling began her career as a teacher in a special school in 2004. Her four-year stint as a special educator helped her gain a clearer understanding the children’s needs. Keen to better support the individuals she worked with, she went on to further her studies. Wanling received a scholarship from the National Council of Social Service to pursue her Masters in Speech & Language Pathology. In 2010, she graduated from the National University of Singapore. After graduation, Wanling had the opportunity to work with individuals with autism spectrum disorder, hearing loss, intellectual disability, feeding difficulties, speech and language disorders. She also has experience working in different settings such as mainstream preschools, early intervention centres, special schools, and clinic settings.


Wanling is keen on clinical education and has supervised both student and junior speech therapists. She is also a firm believer of continual professional development, and has received training in the following:

  • Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk

  • Hanen: More Than Words

  • Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets (PROMPT)

  • Talk Tools: A Three-Part Treatment Plan for Oral-Placement Therapy

  • Talk Tools: Feeding Therapy: A Sensory Motor Approach

  • Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding

  • The Lidcombe Program of Early Stuttering Intervention

  • Introduction to DIR Floortime

  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

  • Signposts for Building Better Behaviour

  • Signing Exact English (SEE2)- Intermediate Level

Wanling is currently a registered therapist with the Allied Health Professionals Council and a member of the local professional association (Speech and Language Therapy Singapore).

Cheryl - picture.jpg

Cheryl Sim

Speech Therapist

Master of Science (Speech & Language Pathology) 

AHP Certification Number: A1900068Z

Cheryl believes that every child deserves to be heard, regardless of the mode of communication and hopes to reach out to more children and help them to find their voices through intervention. She also believes that it takes a village to raise a well balanced child and recognises the importance of the caregiver's role in the child's intervention journey. She strives to work closely with them to support their children's communication abilities by equipping them with the knowledge and skills that they need to be able to do so. 

Cheryl completed her Masters in Speech and Language Pathology in the National University of Singapore and is currently a registered therapist with the Allied Health Professionals Council. After her graduation, she has worked with children in early intervention centres and mainstream preschools. She has experience working with children with Global Developmental Delays, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Speech and Language Disorders as well as feeding difficulties. 

She continues to hone her clinical skills and has received training in the following: 

  • Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets (PROMPT)

  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) 

Raine Profile.JPEG

Raine Too

Certified Play Practitioner

M.A Early Childhood Special Needs, Teacher College, Columbia University 

Post Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy (APAC)

Member of Play Therapy International 

Raine believes that a child is able to learn most and heal effectively when given a supportive and caring relationship with their families and those in their community. She sees that every child is unique and has strengths which need to be acknowledged and cultivated through therapeutic intervention. She is a strong advocate of the power of play - both for learning and self expression. Being a parent herself, Raine hopes to empower parents in supporting their child’s development and healing journey.


Raine began her career as an early childhood educator and has always been passionate about inclusive education. She has worked with children with  developmental needs in the US, London and Singapore. In 2008, she was awarded with a scholarship from the International Student office and completed her Master of Special Needs Early Childhood Education from Columbia University, Teacher College, New York. 


Upon returning to Singapore, Raine worked in early learning and intervention programs where she oversaw aspects of curriculum development, program quality as well as teacher training. She was involved in spearheading the National Early Intervention program within a network of childcare centres.


As strong proponent in the power of play, she has used the medium to support children with anxiety, anger, depression or other social emotional and behavioural difficulties arising out of their developmental needs. She is a firm believer of continual professional development and has received training in the following: 


  • Certificate in Therapeutic Play Therapy ,

  • Social Thinking – Developing Social Understanding and Problem Solving in Individuals with Social Challenges

  • Neuro Dramatic Play

  • Social Stories

  • Mediated learning experience for learning support

  • Signpost Training For Positive Behaviour

  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)


In her free time, she can be found with her family doing nature walks in the various parks, exploring creative arts, music and reading good children’s literature with her 2 lovely boys.  

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